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Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome you to our website! On our website you will get the experience to interact with different companies and projects, and even earn cryptocurrencies without having to spend any money yourself. How? Read the next section ‘what is a cryptocurrency airdrop?’.

Interested in earning cryptocurrency with airdrops? You’re at the right place! Projects and companies launch airdrop campaigns as a marketing campaign to attract new users, brand awareness, and potentially new token holders. Usually these are new projects and new tokens that are not listed on exchanges yet, but sometimes this also includes existing cryptocurrencies that are already listed. In an airdrop you execute a few activities, like following a social media page, to receive a reward for this. This is an exciting and good way to build your cryptocurrency portfolio without having to invest any money.

The value you’ll earn depends on how many of those airdrops you execute. As said, most of the time airdrops are held to distribute new cryptocurrencies, meaning they have no initial value as they are not listed on any exchanges yet. However, usually only a part of the tokens are distributed to the community whereas the rest is being sold in sales. This means that if the sale is successful, and / or the tokens get listed on an exchange, you will be able to sell your earned cryptocurrencies for money. Some might end up not being worth anything. However, some end up being worth a lot of money.

Participating in airdrops is very easy on our website. On our website we share a simply overview with all live airdrops at the moment, including links to the right pages to be able to execute them as fast as possible. Some airdrops only take a few minutes of your time!

Most airdrops have the following requirements:

  • Fill in your email address (this needs to be a valid email address, as you’ll receive confirmation links)
  • Fill in your Telegram username and join certain channels (create an account at: https://Telegram.org)
  • Fill in your Twitter username and retweet certain tweets (create an account at: https://Twitter.com)
  • Fill in your wallet address, this is usually an Ethereum wallet address (create an Ethereum wallet at: https://www.myetherwallet.com or use a Ledger Nano S).

Note: do not fill in a wallet address of an exchange, these do not support airdrops.

Note: some airdrops require you to execute additional steps like following a YouTube channel, liking a Facebook page or sometimes they require you to pass KYC (know-your-customer).

Sometimes. Usually campaigns run for a few weeks, after which the team will go through all the participants. Once the team has finished this they will start distributing the tokens to all participants.

No. Do not spend any money on participating in any event. Never share your private keys in any campaign, make sure you only share your public address at all times.

Our team aims to share at least one airdrop per day. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and join our Telegram announcement channel to receive an update every time we share a new airdrop on our website.