Minglechain (MC)



Origin airdropalert
Wallet ERC20
Tokens 150
Est.value $21
Participants unlimited
Referral 25
Ends in Expired
Validation 100%


Token type Platform currency
Total supply 100M
Price/Token 0.14


Earn up to 150 MC ($21) to do some advertising for this amazing project: a decentralised app created to connect professionals. The tokens will be used to buy services on the platform.


Required Tools:
Telegram Twitter Facebook Phone Others

  • Chat with MinglechainAirdropBot on Telegram.
  • Fill out a captcha.
  • Download the official app from the Play/Appstore.
  • Rate the app 5 stars in the app/play store.
  • Verify your email address.
  • Verify your phone number.
  • Follow Minglechain on Twitter (10 MC)
  • Retweet the latest tweet of minglechain.
  • Like Minglechain on facebook. (10 MC)
  • Share the latest facebook post.
  • Fill out your ERC-20 address.
  • Invite your friends for 25 MC for each referral, up to a maximum of unlimited referrals.
  • You will receive your tokens at the end of the campaign.



Concept/Idea Website Team Whitepaper

Minglechain is a startup that is focussed on connecting people who are contributing to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The app looks and works a bit like tinder, but it doesn't have dating, but business as it's core reason to connect. The app is a solution to connect freelancers nearby, enabling joint ventures, and creating opportunities. On top of being able to join and chat with enthusiasts nearby, you are also paid 150 MC tokens to spread the word about this new app.


home page
white paper